The 2018 Murder Mystery runs November 4th through 8th!

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Sierra Classic Theatre is proud to announce it's 20th Annual Murder Mystery Fundraiser, “Press 1 For Murder”. This year's mystery (written by Airen Neeley and directed by Lesley-Anne Hoxie) takes place at the Elephant Mountain Resorts' call center, where CEO Kent Kirkwood desperately needs to hire a new department head. Will he hire Tilly Killington who's loaded with experience? Or will he choose Sugar Bush who’s willing to seduce her way to the top? Or will it be Stowe, who’s only applying to score a place to live even if it doesn’t include a bathroom? Meanwhile, the "call center killer" is on the loose destroying one luxury ski resort at a time. Will Elephant Mountain Resorts be next? One of Mammoth Lakes biggest local traditions now in it’s 20th year brings hilarity and parody to an evening of dining, drinks and laughter. Audiences guess “who done it” and fun prizes are awarded for those who guess correctly, or make us laugh. Shows run November 4th through November 8th at Mammoth Brewing Company, Mammoth Rock ‘n’ Bowl and Tom’s Place. You must call the venues for tickets.

We launched Sierra Classic Theatre in the fall of 1999 by presenting a Murder Mystery Fundraising Dinner at Tamarack Lodge’s Lakefront Restaurant. There hasn’t been a break in the action since and each year the local community looks forward to this November event heralding the upcoming ski season. Originally producing purchased scripts, SCT soon decided to create their own mysteries. giving them the opportunity to highlight topical events, skewer the local political scene, and fondly satirize prominent civic leaders.

What began as a one-night event, has become a six show event. SCT has also expanded their restaurant venues over the years. While continuing to work with Chef Frederic Pierrel (formerly at Lakefront, now at Mammoth Rock Brasserie), these fundraisers have also been performed at Tom’s Place, Lakanuki, Jimmy’s Taverna, Mammoth Brewing Co., and The Bistro. With lots of audience interplay, many of SCT’s actors got their start by testing the waters in these casual, irreverent productions. This is a not-to-be-missed annual event that is always a sellout.