Auditions for  Summer & Smoke  by Tennessee Williams are September 24th and 25th at The Edison Theatre.

Auditions for Summer & Smoke by Tennessee Williams are September 24th and 25th at The Edison Theatre.

Summer and Smoke takes place from 1910 to 1916 in Glorious Hill, Mississippi and is the story of Alma and John and their struggle to understand their own human desires, to find the balance between body and soul, in the context of rigid social expectations.

Parts are available for 6 men, 5 women, 1 boy, and 1 girl. The part of Alma has already been cast and will be played by Allison McDonell Page. Juliana Olinka Jones will direct. Casual rehearsals will begin February 11th. Show dates are April 4th through 7th and April 11th through 14th.

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REV. WINEMILLER - Alma’s father and the local minister. The Reverend has placed a high level of expectation on Alma to live up to the southern ideal of a pious woman. However, he is disgraced by his wife who suffers from a mental affliction that causes her to exhibit childish and uninhibited behavior. (Male, 60’s - 70’S)
MRS. WINEMILLER - Alma’s mother. Described as “a spoiled and selfish girl who evaded the responsibilities of her later life by slipping into a state of perverse childishness.” (Female, 60’s - 70’s)
JOHN BUCHANAN JR. - Williams calls John “A Promethean figure, brilliantly and restlessly alive in a stagnant society.” Though a physician like his father, John is lustful and rebellious and a frequent gambler and the local casino. (Male 35 - 45)
ALMA WINEMILLER - A minister’s daughter. Fragile, lonely, spinsterish, and marked by kind of elegant airiness. She is desperately in love with John and believes that she craves his mind, while unable to acknowledge that what she really feels is lust. Alma in Spanish means "soul" -- and is a vessel of the spirit to John's fleshly impulses. (Already cast)
ROSA GONZALES - A Flamenco dancer of questionable reputation with whom John seems to spend a lot of time. (Female. Hispanic. 25 - 40)
NELLIE EWELL - Alma’s vocal student. Radiantly fresh and also in love with John. (Female 18-25)
ROGER DOREMUS - Alma’s nerdy suitor. Same actor will also play Archie Kramer
DR. JOHN BUCHANAN SR. - John’s father and the town doctor. Compassionate but slow and stiff and older than his years. (Male 60’s- 70’s)
MRS. BASETT - A widow and he town gossip and member of Alma’s intellectual club. (Female, 40 - 70)
VERNON - “A willowy man with Byronic looks” and member of Alma’s intellectual club. Actor ill also play Dusty. (Male any age)
ROSEMARY - The wistful public librarian and member of Alma’s intellectual club. (Female, any age)
DUSTY - A waiter. Actor will also play Vernon. (Male, any age)
GONZALES - Rosa’s Mexican father. He owns the casino where John spends a lot of time and money. He offers to settle John’s debts if John marries Roasa. A drunk.
ARCHIE KRAMER - A traveling salesman. Actor will also play Roger. (Male, 30 - 45)